Nov-Dec issue of St. Austin Review focuses on Solzhenitsyn Centenary

The new issue of St. Austin Review contains several interesting articles about Solzhenitsyn, including an editorial by Joseph Pearce on the lasting significance of Solzhenitsyn; Daniel J. Mahoney on Solzhenitsyn’s “capacity to illumine the truth of things”, Fr. Benedict Kiely on the miniature “Remembrance of the Departed”, and Susan Treacy on Solzhenitsyn and Shostakovich.

Some heroes are also giants. Within the context of the twentieth century we think perhaps of St. Pius X or St. John Paul ii, those holy heroes who battled with the evils of modernism in its various guises. and one must include in such a number the giant and heroic figure of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
— Joseph Pearce