Large Works & Novels

In the First Circle
A novel about the bonds of friendship, complicity and conscience, set in a prison for scientists and engineers.

Cancer Ward
A novella set among cancer patients and their doctors, under normal circumstances and at the eleventh hour of illness.

The Gulag Archipelago
Solzhenitsyn’s indictment of the Soviet prison and labor camp system, his moral duty to the millions who perished there.

The Red Wheel
Solzhenitsyn’s historical epic on the 1917 Russian Revolution, his “chief artistic design” and major life work.
- Node I: August 1914
- Node II: November 1916
Nodes III and IV: March 1917, April 1917

Two Hundred Years Together
Solzhenitsyn contends with the historical relationship between Russian and Jews with an eye towards understanding and reconciliation. 


The Oak and the Calf
Solzhenitsyn’s classic “sketches of literary life in the Soviet Union” have been hailed as one of the great memoirs of the 20th century. 

Invisible Allies
Fourteen sketches that pay tribute to the small army of loyal helpers who risked all to help Solzhenitsyn and his secret writing survive against the “Oak” of Soviet Communism.

Between Two Millstones
Memoirs of life in Switzerland and America from 1974 to 1994, caught between the “Millstones” of East and West.