The Solzhenitsyn Reader: 
New and Essential Writings, 1947-2005 

The one-volume Solzhenitsyn Reader: New and Essential Writings, 1947-2005 was compiled by Solzhenitsyn scholars Edward E. Ericson, Jr., and Daniel J. Mahoney with the cooperation of the Solzhenitsyn family. It provides a rich and representative selection of Solzhenitsyn’s voluminous works. Reproduced in their entirety are early poems, early and late short stories, early and late “miniatures” (or prose poems), and many of Solzhenitsyn famous – and no-so-famous – essays and speeches. The volume also includes excerpts from Solzhenitsyn’s novels, The Gulag Archipelago, The Red Wheel, memoirs, books of political analysis and historical scholarship. When The Solzhenitsyn Reader was published, in 2006, more than one quarter of its material had never before appeared in English. 

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