Jordan Peterson on Solzhenitsyn, the man who destroyed the Soviet Union

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Wednesday’s Times excerpts Jordan Peterson’s foreword to the new Vintage Classics edition of The Gulag Archipelago. Peterson also reads his entire foreword on video here.

If there was any excuse to be a Marxist in 1917 there is absolutely and finally no excuse now. And we know that mostly because of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and The Gulag Archipelago. Thank Heaven for that great author’s outrage, courage and unquenchable thirst for justice and truth. It was Solzhenitsyn who warned us that the catastrophes of the Soviet state were inextricably and causally linked to the deceitful blandishments of the Marxist utopian vision. It was Solzhenitsyn who documented the price paid in suffering for the dreadful communist experiment, and who distilled from that suffering the wisdom we must all heed so that such catastrophe does not visit us again.
— Jordan Peterson