Two new Solzhenitsyn titles published in French today

Journal de la roue rouge.jpg
Révolution et mensonge.jpg

The Paris house Fayard, Solzhenitsyn’s longtime French publisher, has published two new Solzhenitsyn titles: the Journal de la Roue rouge (Journal of the Red Wheel) and Révolution et mensonge (Revolution and the Lie). The first is a new translation by Françoise Lesourd of a major work that tracks the author’s discoveries and doubts during the major portion of his work on the novel (from 1965 through 1991). The second combines two previously available texts—Vivre sans mentir (Live Not By Lies!) and Leçons de Février (Lessons of February)—with a new Georges Nivat translation: Deux révolutions: la française at la russe (Two Revolutions: the French and the Russian) of Solzhenitsyn’s 1984 article comparing and contrasting those two cataclysms.