Plays & Screenplays


1945 (dramatic trilogy)
- Victory Celebrations, a comedy in 4 acts (1951)
- Prisoners, a tragedy in 12 scenes (1952) 
- The Love-Girl and the Innocent, a drama in 4 acts (1954)

Candle in the Wind (The Light Which is in Thee)
A play in 6 scenes (1960)


Tanks Know the Truth
A screenplay (1959)

The Freeloader
A cinematic comedy from Soviet life (1968)


The Love-Girl and the Innocent ran at the Southwark Theatre in London in October 2013. The play was also performed in September 1981 by the Royal Shakespeare Company. 
▹ The Independent - "Theatre Review: The Love Girl and the Innocent - Southwark Playhouse", 16 October 2013